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Connection issue


If you're unable to connect to our servers, it is typically for one of the following reasons:

  • An anti virus is blocking the connection
  • A router configuration is blocking the connection
  • A firewall setting on your PC is not allowing the connection
  • Your internet provider/country is blocking the connection. This is very common for Chinese users, but not anywhere else
  • Our servers are temporarily down

If you're having any of these issues we suggest that you try any or all of the following issues before contacting us.

  • Either whitelist the Vape exe in your anti virus panel, or simply disable your anti virus
  • Restart your PC once, and if possible also your router/modem
  • Check your router configuration for anything that might be blocking connections
  • If all else fails, if possible try launching while on a VPN or mobile hotspot. This will typically bypass any network restrictions.

If you can not resolve this issue on your own please contact us in the form below. 

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What anti virus do you have? (If any)
Does this issue still occur if you disable your anti virus?
Are you able to load without issues while on a VPN?
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