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Login error

If you're unable to login through the launcher and are told that your username and password are incorrect, there are typically a couple reasons:

Logging into the incorrect account

It is not uncommon for users to create multiple accounts and forget which one is their primary account. To be certain, check your account page and verify that you're currently logged into an account that has purchased Vape. Then on the account information, verify that you're using the same username to login on the launcher. Alternatively, you should try logging in with your accounts email rather than username.

Using the Vape forums login

The forums for Vape are an entirely separare login. Do not attempt to use your forums login on the Vape launcher - it will not work. Only use the same login credentials that you use for

Reset your password once

If all else fails, try simply resetting your password once to be sure.

If you can not resolve this issue on your own please contact us in the form below. 

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